"We must all do theatre to find out who we are, and to discover who we could become."

~Augusto Boal~


"If it were not for Diane Feldman, there is virtually zero chance that I would have the confidence to do what I am capable of now. She was my coach for nine years and while the medium was musical theatre, I learned more about life and the art of presentation from studying under her than I have in any other capacity. The work we did helped prepare me for a lifetime of being a public-facing figure now that I work as a professional journalist. Our time together helped me to be on-camera as well as on the radio but also to find it in myself to showcase myself in the best manner possible. I am eternally grateful for Diane and recommend her as a mentor, teacher and so much more." 

~ Bryan Kalbrosky, Writer/Editor/Journalist

Let these QuaranTimes be a catalyst for creativity!

"Do the WORK,

and the work will work FOR you!"

~ Diane Feldman ~

I've been sharing this mantra with students for more than 25 years. The more you invest in your process, the greater the reward!

Whether you earn a role or not, you improve your skills simply by taking the steps to prepare for an audition. Whether you are in a coaching session, a class, or a production, the moments you spend developing character, making choices, constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing, move you closer to your theatrical goals.

Keep working, performing artists! These "Covid times" are a catalyst for creativity!

of the long-established,
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moments and memories! 

ZOOM with me on Mondays!


let's spend some QuaranTime making music together!

*no charge

Each week I:

~host a themed Musical Theatre sing-along and share fun facts about the musicals we sing from as we make our way through the setlist.

~ask a quick QuarenQuestion so everyone has an opportunity to share and connect.

~recite a QuaranQuote (or two) to stimulate thought and uplift the spirit.

~am your personal accompanist as you sing (on key or off!) in the privacy of your own homes. (Shakespeare knew what he was saying when he penned those famous words: "All the world's a stage...!")

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Grecian Urn-ing
Broadway Lullaby-ing
Jazz Hands-ing
Lion King-ing

Join me the first Saturday evening of each month



Relaxing Rituals for Performing Artists...and anyone else who would like some gentle, guided, creative solo silence amidst the chaos of Covid.  

*no charge

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"I Can't Breathe."

None of us can.

To my black and brown friends, family, brothers and sisters ... those I know, and those I don't know:

My hand is in your hand, my heart beats with your heart, I walk beside you on the path, and I will walk in front of you and behind you when the moments call me to. I hurt with you. I hurt like you. And, like you, I don't want there to be any more hurt. My tears are falling fast and hard. Tell me what to do. I am listening. I want to learn. I want to know. I want to help bring about THE CHANGE. I want to help change the system. I am committed. I am present. I am here. 


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