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"We must all do theatre to find out who we are, and to discover who we could become."

~Augusto Boal~


"If it were not for Diane Feldman, there is virtually zero chance that I would have the confidence to do what I am capable of now. She was my coach for nine years and while the medium was musical theatre, I learned more about life and the art of presentation from studying under her than I have in any other capacity. The work we did helped prepare me for a lifetime of being a public-facing figure now that I work as a professional journalist. Our time together helped me to be on-camera as well as on the radio but also to find it in myself to showcase myself in the best manner possible. I am eternally grateful for Diane and recommend her as a mentor, teacher and so much more." 

~ Bryan Kalbrosky, Writer/Editor/Journalist

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An introduction to CCLO... (est. 1987)

"Do the WORK,

and the work will work FOR you!"

~ Diane Feldman ~

Do the work Diane quote.jpg

I've been sharing this mantra with students for more than 25 years. The more you invest in your process, the greater the reward!

Whether you earn a role or not, you improve your skills simply by taking the steps to prepare for an audition. Whether you are in a coaching session, a class, or a production, the moments you spend developing character, making choices, constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing, move you closer to your theatrical goals.

Keep working, performing artists! Life is a catalyst for creativity!

Once upon a time on ZOOM during the pandemic... 
Thanks, again, to all who joined me on Mondays for some musical theatre morsels and sing-alongs! 

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