Thank goodness my mom brought the Xylophone home from her Kindergarten classroom every weekend! According to my parents, I was able to figure out simple tunes by ear when I was 3 years old ... which inspired them to take me to a one-day Yamaha piano class when I was 4 years old ... (that they had to drag me away from because, apparently, I was so emotionally affected by the music I started to cry and did not want to leave.) The Kohler and Campbell piano arrived

when I turned 6 ... and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  


I have joyfully been tinkling the ebonies and ivories for many years. Whether musical directing, playing in the pit, accompanying rehearsals, playing for special events, or inspiring impromptu sing-alongs at parties and gatherings, you can 

find me at the piano daily. 

Do you need self-tape accompaniment, rehearsal tracks, audition cuts, a choral vocal part recorded? Whether you are here in Los Angeles, or across the country in NYC, I can assist!


Are you looking for a pit musician or a pianist for your next event? 


How lovely it would be to hear from you!

"I am always mesmerized when I watch Diane play. She is one with the piano: connected, united."  

"Diane literally makes the keyboard speak! She draws forth emotion with every note." 

"Diane is my go-to for self-tape accompaniment and audition cuts! Because she's a director and musical director, she truly understands how to ensure the music supports and inspires my storytelling." 

"I could not imagine performing without Diane at the piano. We are always in perfect dialogue, exchanging and communicating, storyteller to storyteller." - Branden Holzer, ACTOR

Diane, (at piano), is Director | Musical Director | Accompanist

of the Broadway Regional Award-winning one-man cabaret, LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOT starring Branden Holzer.

If there's a piano, I'll find it! 

Even while hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park!  


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