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Whether building an original piece, or bringing a well-known story to life, each production I direct and/or musical direct is celebrated as a premiere, for each contributor to the process brings with them unique choices and exclusive energies and ingredients. Furthermore, each process yields its own, distinctive and exciting ensemble dynamic, which elicits a story, "sui generis." 
I provide accepting and validating training opportunities in safe, bolstering environments to ensure each individual - be they storyteller, designer, dancer, musician, producer - is comfortable exploring and expressing from their core.
I honor each theatrical team as a troupe of extraordinary architects: brainstorming and building; breaking down and reconstructing; aestheticizing, physicalizing, vocalizing; delving, discussing and discovering. Each 'character,' on stage and off, is piece of a spectacular puzzle. And, when the pieces are linked and intertwining, the most remarkable, transformative, magical works of art appear: art that is observed, heard, experienced, and contemplated.

From honoring the circumstances and details provided by the script, lyrics, libretto, orchestrations... to creating specifics unaccounted for and filling in the blanks... making meaning and advancing understanding for both actors and audience, are key components of my work. Whether I am immersed in musical theatre, non-musical theatre, educational theatre, Theatre for Young Audiences, or theatre for social/emotional wellness, I am committed to providing scholarship, leadership, and inspiration through this transformative art and craft.

The power, potential and impact of sharing through Theatre is matchless. I look forward to working and playing together.

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I would love to help bring your story to life!

You should never hesitate to see anything Directed/Musical Directed by Diane Feldman! Spectacular work always!” John Scala – JERRY HERMAN AWARDS Adjudicator 

“Tonight I had a truly inspiring and energizing evening at the theatre. Diane Feldman captured the quirky, electrifying nature of URINETOWN, one of my favorite musicals. I loved every minute!” - Todd Schotz – FILM & TV PRODUCER, EDUCATOR

Better than Broadway. I don't know how Diane Feldman does it!" - Michael Stein, CANTOR / BROADWAY PERFORMER

“I have never met a director/musical director/teacher who is so skilled, so inspired, so artistic as Diane. She deeply affects so many people's lives! She always makes sure each participant feels special and loved! She is so much more than a theatre director - as if that wasn't a big enough job!" - Sandee Yamamoto, PRODUCER

"Diane: you took me seriously, and saw me for my gifts - not for my faults. Theatre was how i found my gave me that. I hope you know what a difference you make in so many people's lives." - Jeffrey Todd, ACTOR/CASTING AGENT

"I appreciate your willingness to push up against some culturally sanctioned dominant discourses by choosing musicals that invite teenagers and young adults to grapple with suffering, beauty and challenging themes. I applaud your willingness to bring more marginalized cultural voices to the center!" - Lynne Rosen, PROFESSOR

Ms. Feldman, amazingly, seemed to have four or five hands as she pounded out the familiar, lilting melodies of “Fiddler” on a piano that could not be heard more than two blocks away, directed individual actions, eyed the entire rehearsal area at a glance, correcting several minor flaws, all while subtly applauding cast member’s hard work.” - Ari Noonan, REPORTER

“Diane's one-on-one time spent with her students is immeasurable, her energy endless, her directorship superb.

"Taking the risk to participate in musical theatre has profoundly shaped my son's life-long journey of becoming. He has been truly transported to a place he has never been before! I am deeply grateful you have given him a site for creative expression and community that will continue to influence his experiences and choices for many years to come." - Lynne Rosen, PROFESSOR

No such thing as, "too young," to fall in love with musical theatre! 

Diane is a proud member of MaestraMusic
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