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*Musical and Non-musical Theatre

I am here to: embolden you to honor your own personal truths, and embrace your unique energies and capabilities; provide education and training; serve as a catalyst for creativity and discovery; grow your versatility as a storyteller, musically and non-musically.

I am not here to: teach you how to emulate other performers; 

shape you into robots who rote-read words and lyrics from a page; convert you into one-dimensional caricatures or copy cats.

Together, we will: explore, experiment with, and engage in technical training and various vocal and dramatic techniques; develop your ability to connect with real thoughts, emotions and moments from your own life experiences; invite vulnerability; uncover your individual process; spend moments steeped in intellectual, physical, and emotional interpretation and communication; make meaning; identify Text-to-Text, Text-to-Self, and Text-to-Life connections.

In the sessions, we will focus on:

-breath, tone placement, pitch, phrasing, vocal flexibility, range, dynamics, word shaping, sustaining, vocal consistency  

-content/context analysis (w/ dialogue, and/or lyrics, and/or music)

-clarifying objectives, bits, actions, and intentions 

-choice making and risk taking

-thinking both outside and inside of  'the box'

-establishing, building and manifesting character

-honoring the given circumstances, as well as ‘filling in the blanks’

-story and theme interpretation

-exploring character connections and relationships

-understanding authors’ voice, and the social/cultural significance of the material 

-constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing

The craft of storytelling - whether sung or spoken - can, and should be, thought-provoking and transformative for both storyteller and audience. I look forward to helping you grow and evolve your gifts! 

**Private coaching 

**College audition preparation 

**General audition preparation 

**Self-Tapes: accompaniment, reading, filming, editing

**Group instruction 

**I can also create personalized programming for groups of students. From musical theatre studies, to acting topics, to social/emotional explorations through theatre, to arts-integrated curriculum, I can work with you and your group to design content-specific learning.    

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"Diane is without a doubt one of the most versatile coaches I’ve come across. I’ve worked with her for years and have seen her move seamlessly between being a director, musical director, acting coach, vocal coach, accompanist, and mentor. Her approach is novel and she helps you make the scene truthful for yourself, as well as find new and interesting choices to help you stand out in an audition. She is easy to work with, really fun, and I always leave our sessions feeling highly confident and ready to do my best work. A big thing with her is ego—or lack thereof, I should say! She will never tell you, “I am right, you are wrong.” She always works from a place of collaboration and mutual exploration. Thank you Diane for everything! "- Branden Holzer, ACTOR (Winner, 2019 BroadwayWorld Regional Award, Los Angeles - BEST SOLO CABARET PERFORMANCE)

"Diane Feldman is the best all-in-one bundle an actor can get. Not only is she an amazing audition coach who helps you choose perfect audition material as well as succinct, well-rounded audition cuts; she also excels in teaching proper vocal technique and helps bring out those inner creative choices you never knew you had. Her positivity and love of teaching is infectious and you'll walk away growing more and more as a confident performer every time." - Jordan Schneider, ACTOR 

"Students who have never worked with Diane have no idea what they're missing!” - Chloe Tucker, ACTRESS (Sophie, MAMMA MIA! National Tour)

"I have never experienced anyone like Diane. Not only is she an incredible director, musical director, teacher and private coach, she is a mentor and friend to all those with whom she works. Her energy is boundless, her passion unmatched. She can work and develop students at every age and experience level. In short, Diane is a rare find." - Diana Kunce, PRODUCER 


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