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Vocal  |  Acting  |  Audition Preparation

*Musical and Non-musical Theatre

Walk into classes, auditions, rehearsals, processes and productions feeling fearless, capable, confident, and prepared!

*Private coaching 

*College audition preparation 

*General audition preparation 

*Self-Tapes: accompaniment, reading, filming, editing

*Personalized Group instruction 

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If you are eager to:


...grow your capabilities and confidences as a performer

...uncover and apply your truest Artistic Self


...choose and prepare the best audition songs and cuts

 ...find the best monologues for your energy and personality

...prepare solid self-tapes, pre-screens and auditions for College Theatre programs

and/or the professional stage cast

...make it on Broadway! 

I can help you manifest your ambitions!  

Lack of preparation, organization and training

can be detrimental to your theatrical process.

Not only do I train and guide you: as a fellow performer, I understand you!


After 30+ years, I am still joyfully training new, evolving and returning artists into:


-Productions, roles and projects

-College Performing Arts Programs of their choice (NYU, Syracuse, UCLA, USC, Ithaca,


Miami, Michigan, Emerson, Northwestern, Pace - and the list extends) 

-Broadway, Off-Broadway and Cabaret productions (PIPPIN, HAMILTON, MAMMA MIA, LOVE ME: LOVE ME NOT)

-Tours and touring companies 


My experience as a director / musical director will benefit you further, as I can see, hear and develop nuance in your storytelling and performance techniques.

(And, I'm your own personal accompanist...!) 

Let's make the craft of storytelling 

 - whether sung or spoken - 

uniquely, productively and truthfully, YOU!

Instructors who say, "great job," without offering feedback or direction, and directors who suggest you should simply, "pretend like," "smile!" and "have more energy!" are not preparing you for the realities of working and playing in theatre. 

I can!

I'm honest, I'm thorough and I truly care about your growth and success. 


Okay! Okay! I will!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! (... 4, 5) 

1. You'll share your needs and goals.

2. I'll share my approach to educating and supporting you.

3. We'll align...

4. Then, schedule your discounted intro session...

(You'll love it!)

5. And, we'll begin your theatrical evolution together!  

Lila Grayson: Contemporary Ballad
Lila Grayson: Golden Age Uptempo

"Diane is without a doubt one of the most versatile coaches I’ve come across. I always leave our sessions highly confident and ready to do my best work!" ~ Branden Holzer, ACTOR (Winner, 2019 BroadwayWorld Regional Award, Los Angeles - BEST SOLO CABARET PERFORMANCE)

"Diane Feldman is the best all-in-one bundle an actor can get. Not only is she an amazing audition coach who helps you choose perfect audition material as well as succinct, well-rounded audition cuts; she also excels in teaching proper vocal and acting techniques and helps bring out those inner creative choices you never knew you had. Her positivity and love of teaching is infectious and you'll walk away growing more and more as a confident performer every time." - Jordan Schneider, ACTOR 

"I have never experienced anyone like Diane. She is an incredible educator, private coach, director, musical director, and friend to all those with whom she works. Her energy is boundless, her passion unmatched. She can work and develop students at every age and experience level. In short, Diane is a rare find." - Diana Kunce, PRODUCER 

"Students who have never worked with Diane have no idea what they're missing!” - Chloe Tucker, ACTRESS (Sophie, MAMMA MIA! National Tour) / NYC Realtor

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